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Suit to Shape February 27 2014, 151 Comments



Ladies, knowing your body type is the key to selecting your bikini. If you dress for your shape your figure will look the best it can with support in all the right places, this is a must! Below we explain some of the most common body shapes and the best suited styles...

Petite Package: Small in frame and height

This is a case of 'the best things come in small packages' are trying to create the illusion of length through the torso and legs so choose pieces that are minimal. Avoid high waisted bikinis, boy leg styles and midriff bikini tops. 

Best style options: Triangles, Side tie briefs, Bikini bottoms with narrow sides, Onepieces with higher cut legs


Perfect Pear: Wider at the bottom than top

You are trying to create the illusion of a smaller lower half and fuller bust area to balance out your frame so try solid colour briefs teamed with printed or ruffled tops.

Best style options: High waisted briefs, Brazilian styles, Bandeau tops with detailing


Authentic Athletic: Broader shoulders with narrow hips and athletic legs

Assets are your toned lower half so opt for styles to show this off and add sleek details to the top of your frame to create  feminine softness. Avoid bandeaus and boy leg briefs.

Best style options: Brazilian or cheeky cut bottom styles, Triangles and tops with padding


Heavenly Hourglass: Bust and hips equal measurements with a slim waist 

The good news for you is that most styles will work on this figure and matching pieces work wonders which can make buying bikinis easier with no need to mix and match prints and plains like other body shapes rely on. Your silhouette is the asset you want to show off.

Best style options: One pieces to show off your shape, High waisted styles


Straight and Narrow: Less curves with minimal difference between bust, waist and hip measurements

You are trying to add feminine curves to this body shape so opt for prints, ruffles and playful styles. Aim to create volume at both the bust and hip so the waist appears to curve. 

Best style options: Briefs with ruffles around the waist, Bandeaus with frills, Tops with cups


Images via // TriView Photography

Feature Model // Brittany Marree Kenny

Brittany's body shape is a combination of predominantly 'Petite Package' with a hint of 'Authentic Athletic'.

Styles suited to this figure are side tie or brazilian briefs as these styles will show off a toned midriff and butt, allowing the legs to appear longer. Triangles or smaller cut Bandeaus are perfect tops as not much support is needed allowing fashion options to be selected.

Keep in mind you may not be one standard body shape, if you would like more styling tips for your individual body type please leave your comments below.






Born in Byron in Like a Lion Magazine February 27 2014, 153 Comments

Snapped! Born in Byron pieces are seen gracing the fashion pages of Like a lion Magazine January 2014 in the editorial 'Denim Summer.' 

Latest pieces display a bleached denim print in beautiful blue hues. On tend and proving denim no longer belongs only in the winter wardrobe! 


Editorial lensed by// TriView Photography

Model// Brittany Marree Kenny

Mua// Alysha Bishop 

Swimwear// Born in Byron

Born in Byron editorial in Ellements Magazine, NY January 14 2014, 129 Comments

Snapped! Sport luxe is the theme of this seasons suits from Born in Byron which are seen gracing the fashion pages of Ellements Magazine, NY.

Key pieces are presented in the editorial titled 'Poolside' in the swimwear edition.

Designed to keep temperatures soaring, captivating both wearer and viewer - the debut collection has landed.


Floralescence Slide Triangle (part of set) & Floralescence Spliced Brief (part of set)

Floralescence Bandeau Bikini

Tuxedo Diver Onepiece & Floralescence Onepiece


Editorial lensed by TriView Photography

Model // Izzy Doak

Hmua // Marissa Mellick