Clear Quartz Gold Candle Snuffer
Clear Quartz Gold Candle Snuffer
Clear Quartz Gold Candle Snuffer

Clear Quartz Gold Candle Snuffer

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Candle Snuffer

The perfect way to extinguish your candle flame. This gold coloured candle snuffer featuring a raw clear quartz point on the handle is designed to preserve the burning quality of your candle by reducing smoke and ensuring the candle wick remains upright so it can be easily lit again. 

This piece is the perfect item for styling next to your current candle for a luxurious look while allowing the crystal to transmit it’s unique purifying vibrations to the room. 

Clear Quartz : Balance. Clarity. Protection. 

Colour : The clear Quartz point is transparent. Neutral colour for styling any home or room, making it an easy piece to gift any candle lover. 

Use: Place the bell shaped end over your candle flame, being mindful not to put it into the melted wax. When your flame is extinguished you should see a small amount of smoke escape from the bell. You can then lift the snuffer away from the wick. 

Recommended: If you accidentally dip it into the melted wax, wipe clean with paper towel before the wax sets. You may also find the inside of the bell blackens from the smoke, wiping clean after each use with paper towel will remove most of this to keep your piece looking shiny and new.

Materials: Metal, raw clear quartz point.

Measurements: Approximate length 20cm. Length and features of the raw clear quartz point will differ between pieces but will remain similar. 

*Cleansed with Palo Santo and charged under the full moon in Pisces

**Please note the crystal may contain small pits, natural markings, crevices and chips. These are not considered faults for this piece. Please embrace the natural inclusions for the individual piece from the earth that it is.