Crystal Massage Wand Rose Quartz
Crystal Massage Wand Rose Quartz

Crystal Massage Wand Rose Quartz

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Crystal Wand

A massage technique using natural crystal for a sense of wellbeing. This holistic style of massage assists with feelings of harmony and relaxation by releasing tension, bringing balance to your everyday life.

Our largest sensory organ is our skin. Through this self care technique we can create a sense of calm to put the mind and body at ease. The action assists to reveal nourished, hydrated, smooth skin by reducing cortisol levels. Stroke it over your face, neck and hands for a self attended spa-like treatment.

Tip: This piece is a natural rose quartz and looks beautiful styled on your bathroom countertop for your facial massages or work desk for hand and neck relaxation massage to relieve tension. Leaving the item on display also encourages the daily reminder for regular use.

Facial massage: Use with your favourite face oil or serum after a warm cleanse. The idea is for the massage wand to provide a facial massage by gliding smoothly over the skin to ease stress and tension. 

This Born in Byron massage wand works with natural rose quartz, a nurturing stone used to promote self love. Take care with your daily ritual, slow down and enjoy the experience.

-Apply face oil in slow circular motions, take extra time to provide your face and neck with the sensory pressure of touch.
-Wash hands free from oil or serum being used prior to commencing work with your massage wand.
-Keep a gentle but mindful grip, feel the piece in your hand, connect and appreciate the massage it is providing. The end of the wand you select is personal preference, we suggest the smaller end for the top half of your face and the larger end from the lips down.
-Concentrate on a slow gliding motion for ultimate relaxation. Spend as much time as feels right on each section. If you are new to using a massage wand you may like to start with 5 glides on each area.

-Place the end of your massage wand between your eye brows and glide just over the top outwards in an arc towards your temple.

-Move to just under the inner corner of each eye under the tear duct and glide outwards under the eye in an arc towards your temple.

-Continue this movement down your face at the base of your nostril gliding out under the cheek bones towards the upper ear then the corner of your lips towards the lower ear lobe.

-Glide just under the chin from the centre to just behind the earlobe to complete. 

-As with any massage technique drink plenty of water afterwards to enhance the detoxifying process of eliminating toxins.

Ritual: For a more immersed experience set up by misting your favourite aura spray, put on your essential oil diffuser, dim the lights, play relaxing music, find a comfortable position. Inhale and exhale deeply and slowly throughout this experience with eyes gently closed to fully feel the sensations. Finish with a warm herbal tea, being still and supported in this moment.

Crystal on skin contact. When crystals have direct contact with the skin they are better equipped to align their vibrations with your own energy.

Work place massage: Use with your favourite hand cream to release daily tension. This massage incorporates the spinal zones of the hand in reflexology. This is a lovely practice you can do yourself throughout your work day. 

-Apply a small amount of your favourite hand cream to both hands and up your arms, close your eyes and allow yourself these few seconds to calm your mind. Take a few deep breaths and release your shoulders by sitting back in your office chair and gently turning your neck side to the side holding for a few seconds, repeat on the other side then with your chin down to your chest.

-Palm up start your hand massage by gliding the crystal wand up and down along your thumb from the top to the base at your wrist. If you are new to this try about 5 repetitions.

-Move to a circular motion at the base of the thumb on your palm.

-Glide the crystal wand along each finger from the base of your wrist to each tip. Keep the strokes light and slow, focusing on keeping your shoulders relaxed.

-Turn your hand over and resting gently on the desk glide the crystal along your hand from the base of your wrist between each finger as many times as feels relaxing.

-Complete by gliding the wand up and down your forearm from wrist to elbow, focusing on the top outer edge if you work on a keyboard to release this tension.

Tip: Having an oil roller bottle with essential oils can be useful to assist with a simple neck massage. Glide the oil on where you intend to glide the crystal wand. From the base of the neck upwards to where you feel the base of the skull on each side is recommended. For a stronger release on the side you are rolling tilt the opposite ear gently towards the shoulder. 

Rose Quartz: Love. Forgiveness. Peace.  

Chakra: Heart - the fourth chakra located at the centre of the spine at heart level. It is the centre of compassion, empathy, love, and forgiveness. When balanced brings feelings of connectedness, depth in relationships with others and love for oneself.

Intention: For added meaning set an intention to your piece or use a mantra such as 'I am loved, I am beautiful’, 'I am relaxed in this moment’ or 'I deserve this’. 

Country of origin: Brazil

Interesting: In many ancient cultures, rose quartz was thought to maintain a youthful complexion hence it’s modern day use for beauty products. It is a powerful stone requiring regular energy clearing. Running water is ideal for recharging the beautiful stone, so wash clean your crystal massage wand before and after each use. A gentle handwash is suitable with warm water to remove residual products.

Measurements: This crystal massage wand is approximately 10cm in length with the cylindrical shape tapered at one end. One crystal massage wand is included. 


*Cleansed with Palo Santo & charged under the full moon 
**Take gentle loving care of this piece as you would other crystal items. It may break if dropped, clenched or used with too much force.