Gift Wrapping & Packaging

It is our effort to supply the most eco friendly packaging with the least environmental impact. In an aim to reduce our footprint and work towards sustainability Born in Byron are continually seeking the latest developments in packing to implement.

Delicate items will currently be double wrapped for protection, including recycled bubble wrap and packaging we received our pieces in from our suppliers.  Combined with biodegradable void filler in the form of packing peanuts. These are made largely with cornstarch and can be dissolved in water. We encourage customers to join us in reducing waste and invite you to reuse packaging items where possible.

We are currently posting items in mailing boxes which are 100% recyclable. These are placed inside our biodegradable post bags - we encourage you to add this item to your home compost or discard in your green bin. We are currently sourcing gift box options.

For a short time we may also post smaller items in a metallic mailing bag, lined with bubble wrap for protection. This is not currently recyclable and once stock is out an alternative option will take it's place.

We are working on providing fully recyclable options for all of our packaging materials and look forward to sharing details of our 100% recyclable packaging offer soon.

Details on packaging components:

        • Mailing Boxes – 100% recyclable
        • Tissue Paper – 100% recyclable
        • Void Fill - 100% biodegradable and water soluble. We have selected an option which leaves behind no micro plastics
        • Post Bags - 100% biodegradable in home compost
        • Tape – currently non-recyclable. An alternative option is being sourced
        • Consignment Labels – 100% home composable are on the way. 
        • Stickers - 100% recyclable are on the way.
        • Metallic Mailers - currently non-recyclable. Please reuse where possible. An alternative option is being sourced

 Thank you for supporting sustainability and eco options with us.