Intention Gift Box - Byron Box (Chakra)
Intention Gift Box - Byron Box (Chakra)
Intention Gift Box - Byron Box (Chakra)

Intention Gift Box - Byron Box (Chakra)

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Byron Box

Black Obsidian - Protection
Chakra worry stone - Wellness
Chakra Bracelet - Alignment
Touramlinated Quartz - Balance 

This chakra box encompasses the Byron Bay sign "Slow down, Cheer up, Chill out". Designed to create feelings of balance by working on aligning all seven chakras. When your chakras are in alignment, your physical self and spiritual self are fully receptive to the energy of the universe. You'll feel deeply at peace and brimming with vitality. Gift Byron to those needing their own little rainbow.

Obsidian: A deeply protective stone. Said to act as a shield from negative energy to harmonise the body and assist with remaining present in the current moment. 

Chakra Worry Stone: Carry in your pocket and rub during times of stress for a sense of calm. Crystal bands include: Red Jasper, Orange Calcite, Golden Tigers Eye, Fluorite, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst.

Chakra Bracelet: To align the chakras, gently bringing balance to the bodys subtle energy system. Featuring a rainbow of crystal beads to represent the colours of the Chakras. Crystal beads include: Purple Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Green Aventurine, Aquamarine, Blue Calcite, Rose Quartz, Yellow Calcite, Orange Calcite and Carnelian.

Tourmalinated Quartz: A combination stone made up of black tourmaline to ground and protect and clear quartz to amplify the purifying energy. Guiding you to live with love and patience. Focusing on assisting thoughts to come from a place of compassion, releasing judgement for a perspective that is new and positive.

Gifting idea for:
Balance, Just Because, Thinking of you, Protection, Birthday, Friendship.

This gift is beautifully packaged in a white segmented box with a lid. Each crystal comes wrapped in tissue paper and nestled in shredded gift box paper for added protection. Ribbon is hand tied to seal the box.

Please note: Be mindful of your crystal placements around the home. Please position to prevent little ones hands and pets from reaching as they can present choking hazards. 

Please be aware, each piece is made from natural stones. The item you are sent may vary from the one pictured although will always be the listed crystal type. Pieces may contain pits and natural markings. 

*Cleansed with Palo Santo & charged under the full moon.