Pop Sockets

Born in Byrons range of pop sockets are designed to honour your device for all that it provides to you…connection, communication and illumination.

These natural stone adornments for your phone offer a  practical way to take your crystal wherever you go to manifest on the move. Functionally providing a secure grip and the ability of stabilisation to hold your phone upright on a flat surface for daily convenience. When carrying your phone feel the crystal fill your palm for crystal on skin contact.

Choose the colour to compliment your phone cover, select your favourite crystal or select based on the crystals properties. 

To cleanse your crystal place your phone on a selenite or clear quartz charging plate. 

Please note these are natural stones from the earth and may have inclusions and other small natural markings. The shapes may not be symmetrical as each piece is hand carved to honour the size of the stone it originated from. These are not considered faults and enhance the natural element of the product. 

Please take care with these items as you would with other crystal products, they are natural and may chip, crack or scratch if coming into contact with hard surfaces or other items.

**Please note these items are recommended to attach to your phone cover rather than directly onto your phone.