Agate Druzy Heart
Agate Druzy Heart
Agate Druzy Heart

Agate Druzy Heart

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Agate Druzy Heart 

'The gratitude stone’

I am a stone of balance and release. I want you to feel whole, valued and loved in your life. Aligned with your truth and living your life consciously to share this feeling of peace. Reach for me at times of stress for assistance with everyday challenges. I hope to relive you of frustration and overwhelm, clearing your mind of negative thoughts. In terms of communication I work with you not only in the human form of communication but also in connecting with the environment in a more universal way. The addition of my druzy inclusion is associated with peace, love and a dreamlike soothing.

I am an ancient stone with a delicate energy, although I posses strength not expected from my appearance. I have a history of being used for protection. My modern form of this is to assist with providing the courage to trust in your own instincts and accept the good in the universe. Live from a place of light, connect from a place of love and experience the world from a place of all consuming gratitude.

Properties: Balance. Harmony. Calm. 

Use: A stunning styling piece or holding during meditation. Perfect to place in the bedroom to emit a cleansing and calming energy for peaceful sleep or in the centre of the home to invite balance.

Shape: Heart - the universal symbol of love, designed to welcome pure thoughts into your space.

Colour: These pieces are more of a calming greyish blue with a whiteish sugar like druzy. The natural agate banding is a highlight of these high quality piece. Grey/blue - diplomacy, compromise and wisdom. White - hope, illumination and unity.
The photo provides an indication of colour and markings you will be sent.

Chakra: All - working on aligning all seven chakras.

When your chakras are in alignment, your physical self and spiritual self are fully receptive to the energy of the universe. You'll feel deeply at peace and brimming with vitality. You are aligned with a stable chakra energy centre within you that nourishes you from the inside out.

Intention: For added meaning set an intention to your piece or use a mantra such as 'I am worthy of all the good things that happen in my life' or 'I honour all that I am and continue on my journey in life with consciousness at the forefront'.  

Country of origin: Brazil

Interesting: Agate is often found with intricate fine banding patterns. Formed by repeated layers of slow moving lava waves over layers of other stone such as quartz.

Measurements: Approximately 4.5cm L, x 5.5cm W. This purchase includes one agate druzy heart.

Cleansed with Palo Santo & charged under the full moon.