Key Chain - Chakra
Key Chain - Chakra

Key Chain - Chakra

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This crystal adorned key chain is designed to provide a purposeful way to cary your crystals with you everyday. Infusing your space with the vibrations of balance to align your whole being.

A charm symbolising the ‘tree of life’ is included on the piece, representing the source of life as the element that connects all lives.

Chakra: All - working on aligning all seven chakras.

When your chakras are in alignment, your physical self and spiritual self are fully receptive to the energy of the universe. You'll feel deeply at peace and brimming with vitality. You are aligned with a stable chakra energy centre within you that nourishes you from the inside out.

Colour: The rainbow of the chakras is featured in beads of red jasper, orange calcite, carnelian, green aventurine, blue sodalite, purple amethyst and clear quartz.

Use: To carry your keys in style while infusing your day with the crystals vibrations. Beautiful to style on a key hook. 

Care: Look after this piece as you would your other crystal items. Crystals may break if dropped. 

Materials: Silver coloured metal, with natural crystal beads. 

While we aim to keep our stock consistent each piece will be as unique as you due to the nature of the natural stones. 

Cleansed with Palo Santo and charged under the full moon.