Charoite Moon
Charoite Moon

Charoite Moon

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Charoite Moon

‘The stone of transformation’

I am a soul stone with bold energy, focused on deep transformation and love. I am here to remind you all of your dreams are possible. Let me assist you to cut through the noise when things become emotionally loud and tap into your insight to live according to your sense of true authenticity. My greatest gift to you is acting like a balancer of the body, mind and spirit by facilitating a better connection within yourself to accelerate emotional healing.

Work with me to expand your ability to set boundaries and amplify your personal power, making you more morally aware of your actions. Assisting you to overcome fear of all types, especially related to change. I help you take a fresh approach to learnt patterns, discarding old information to allow your mind to think clearly. I block out others negativity and opinions to stimulate your own ideas to lead you to the correct decision. 

Properties: Inner strength. Assertiveness. Self esteem.

Use: Carry daily in your pocket or handbag to infuse the space around your aura or place under your pillow at night to assist with quality peaceful sleep. Hold or rub the piece as a tactile calming strategy. When crystals have direct contact with the skin they are better equipped to transmit their vibrations in alignment with your own energy.

Shape: Moon - new beginnings, hope, transition.
The pieces are rounded on one side and flat on the other.

Colour: Purple to lavender with a pearly lustre. Swirled or mottled patterned inclusions usually include black, smokey and white. Purple - emotional balance and intuition.

Chakra: Clearing blockages from the heart, third eye and crown chakras, Charoite works to encourage us to be assertive in our transformation for self growth.

Heart - the fourth chakra located at the centre of the spine at heart level. It is the centre of compassion, empathy, love, and forgiveness. When balanced brings feelings of connectedness, depth in relationships with others and love for oneself.

Crown - the seventh chakra located at the crown of the head. Is the meeting point between the physical body, the universe and the soul. This chakra embraces the gratitude for your life. When balanced brings feelings of serenity, joy and deep peace about life.

Third eye - the sixth chakra located in the centre of your head, parallel to the middle of your eyebrows. It acts as the centre of wisdom, conscience, and higher consciousness. When aligned you can expect the practice open mindedness and self actualisation to feel more obtainable.

Intention: For added meaning set an intention to your piece or use a mantra such as ‘I allow clarity to emerge before taking action’.

Country of origin: Charoite is named after the Chara River area in the Murun Massif, Northwest Aldan, Sakha Republic, Russia. This is the only area the rare stone is located.

Interesting: According to Yakut legends, the waters of this river are the tears of a local girl. She sacrificed herself to save the homeland and ancestors.

Purchase is for one Charoite moon unless multiple are selected. The one you are sent may differ slightly from the one photographed as each piece is unique. We do our best to keep our stock consistent. Due to the hand carved nature of these pieces some may not be perfectly symmetrical and they will vary in thickness slightly between pieces.

Approximately 6cm L, 2cm W.

Cleansed with Palo Santo & charged under the full moon.