Amazonite, Black Tourmaline,  Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz & Lepidolite
Amazonite, Black Tourmaline,  Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz & Lepidolite
Amazonite, Black Tourmaline,  Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz & Lepidolite

Amazonite, Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz & Lepidolite

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Amazonite. Black Tourmaline. Smokey Quartz. Clear Quartz. Lepidolite.

These combination spheres come to us through the miracle of nature. Combining soothing Amazonite, protective Black Tourmaline, grounding Smokey Quartz and calming Lepidolite topped off with purifying Clear Quartz to amplify these beautiful properties. These pieces are rare with the elements occurring naturally in this intentional combination. 

The spheres have been hand shaped and polished to showcase all of these balancing elements. The round shape allows for an even flow of energy to infuse your space. 

Amazonite - Soothing
Black Tourmaline - Protection
Lepidolite - Emotional Balance
Smokey Quartz - Grounding 
Clear Quartz - Purifying

‘The sincere stone’
I am known as the stone of truth. A deeply calming and clarifying stone connected to the throat chakra making me an excellent tool for boundary setting and speaking your truth. I aim to diffuse negative energy, helping to shift from judgement into acceptance for a fresh sense of hope. When you are able to see both sides of the story and understand differing points of view you are able to speak clearly from the heart.

Black tourmaline
‘The bodyguard’
I have an intensely powerful aura, I act as a shield from negative energy to harmonise the body. Trust in me during times of fear, frustration and anger. I will guide you to live with love and patience. I focus on assisting your thoughts to come from a place of compassion, releasing judgement. My perspective is new and positive. 

‘The stress reliever'
As your emotional cleanser and peaceful companion I aim to soothe your deepest feelings of stress, assisting you towards a peaceful free mind. I provide space for emotional healing, moving through and overcoming old patterns, encouraging you to speak from the heart and release what no longer serves you. 

Smokey Quartz
’The anchor’
I am known as a fiercely protecting and grounding stone, keeping you anchored to build strength and resilience while supporting you to overcome challenges.
Work with me to find emotional stability and calm as we transmit positive energy.

Clear Quartz
'The master healer’
I am here to work as your beacon of light. Work with me to purify your mind. I amplify energetic vibrations and thought, as well as the effects of other crystals making my inclusion in this sphere kismet. I remove negative energy of all kinds. My gift is patience and focus. 

 Size: Approx.
Small 13cm circumference.
Medium 14.5cm in circumference.
Large 15.5cm circumference.

Please be aware, each sphere is made from natural gemstones and no two are the same. The item you are sent may vary slightly from the one pictured although will always be similar. Each purchase is for one piece that is intuitively selected for you. 

Cleansed with Palo Santo & charged under the full moon.