Crystal Chip Resin Unicorn - Smokey Quartz
Crystal Chip Resin Unicorn - Smokey Quartz

Crystal Chip Resin Unicorn - Smokey Quartz

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Resin Unicorn - Smokey Quartz

Little pieces for little hands with big imaginations.

These unicorns encase crystal chips inside the resin shape to produce crystals safe for play. A perfect way to introduce young children to the world of crystals with no need for concern about breakages. This piece features the inclusion of Smokey Quartz for pure, balanced and grounded play.

Play for children is one of the most important aspects of learning, known to improve their cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being. It allows them to learn about the world around them and discover their place in it. This method of safely testing boundaries allows them to develop the skills they need to be self sufficient later in life, confident and independent.  

Properties: Balance. Purification. Grounding.

Use: Designed for play. Use this sensory tool to create feelings of safety and security in your childs space. Teaching them they are loved, listened to and valued.
Not recommended to leave in the elements such as sun or rain as it could cause the resin to weather and look dull.

Shape: Unicorn - the symbol of magic, innocence and enchantment.

Colour: Brown - resilience, simplicity, reliability.

Chakra: Base - the first chakra located at the base of the spine. It is the starting point for developing and maintaining balance, when aligned it brings a sense of grounding, safety and connection. 

Intention: To introduce your little one to the art of gratitude, create a game of asking them the best part of their day so far, how they feel or what they feel happy about today as a ritual at the start of play. This can lead to deeper conversation and can open communication about emotions as a normal part of everyday.

Country of origin: Brazil (crystal)

Interesting: It was discovered that smokey quartz could be used to protect the eyes from the sun. The gemstone was cut into sheets and used to make some of the first examples of sunglasses during the twelfth century.

Purchase is for one smokey quartz resin unicorn unless multiple are selected. The one you are sent may differ slightly from the one photographed although we do our best to keep our stock consistent.

Approximately 4.5cm H, 3cm W at base. These pieces are self standing. 

Cleansed with Palo Santo & charged under the full moon.