Fluorite Bracelet - purple
Fluorite Bracelet - purple

Fluorite Bracelet - purple

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'The genius stone’

I am your study buddy. A stone of concentration and mental clarity, an excellent learning aid. I gift you with the ability for concise decision making. This can be especially beneficial in exam conditions. I aim to cut through confusion and remove mental fog to leave you confident of your choices in life.

Properties: Direction. Confidence. Self love. 

Use: Crystal on skin contact worn on the wrist, placed under the pillow to assist with sleep.

When crystals have direct contact with the skin they are better equipped to transmute their powers and healing vibrations in alignment with your own energy.

Shape: Round - the spherical shape of these beads allows an even flow of energy

Colour: These pieces are various shades of purple and may include some clearer beads or light tints of green.
Purple - creativity and wealth. Lighter shades are used to soothe or calm.

Chakra: Crown - the seventh chakra located at the top of the head. It is the centre of enlightenment and awareness and when balanced brings feelings of deep peace and serenity.

Intention: For added meaning set an intention to your piece or use a mantra such as ‘My mind is clear, I am ready’ or ‘I trust myself’. 

Country of origin: Mexico

Interesting: Fluorite was once thought to be ‘the home of the rainbow’ due to the wide range of colours it is found in, often intermingled. 

Please be aware each bracelet is made from natural stones. The item you are sent may vary slightly from the one pictured although will always be similar. Each bracelet consists of natural stone beads and elastic.

Approximately 18cm circumference to fit over the average size adult hand and sit comfortably on the wrist. Beads are 8mm each.

Cleansed with Palo Santo & charged under the full moon.