Fluorite Sensory Bottle Necklace
Fluorite Sensory Bottle Necklace
Fluorite Sensory Bottle Necklace

Fluorite Sensory Bottle Necklace

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'The genius stone’

A stone of concentration and mental clarity, an excellent learning aid. I gift you with the ability for concise decision making. This can be especially beneficial during study or learning new skills. I aim to cut through confusion and remove mental fog to leave you confident of your choices in life. My greatest gift to you is encouraging positivity. I aim to steer you in the direction of your goals and provide you the motivation to see them through.

I am a great option for an essential oil pendant as I direct you towards self care and constant growth. I will keep your precious scent safe for when you need your sensory experience - just remove my cap, close your eyes, inhale and exhale slowly with three deep belly breaths and allow your essential oil to invoke the feeling you’ve filled me for. I am motivating yet patient and these are the vibrations I add to your scent. 

Properties: Direction. Confidence. Self love. 

Use: This sensory item is worn as a beautiful handmade piece of jewellery. 

Add up to 8 drops of your favourite essential oil to the inner vile with the dropper provided.  *recommended to only use clear oils due to their ability to stain.

A basic introduction to aromatherapy: if you need calming or relaxation add an earthy scent like lavender. If you need energising add a citrus like bergamot. If you need a reminder for self compassion and love add a delicate floral like rose. 

Remove the lid and let the scent gently linger around your aura while you inhale. Essential oil takes only 22 seconds to reach the brain. A quick way to send yourself a message that you’re ok, loved or you’ve got this at any time throughout your day.

These pendants are designed to sit just below the collar bone to provide crystal on skin contact to allow their unique vibrations to align with your own energy.

Colour: Green - growth, mental flexibility, nurturing.

Chakra: Crown - the seventh chakra located at the top of the head. It is the centre of enlightenment and awareness. When balanced brings feelings of deep peace and serenity.

Scents recommended to align the crown chakra include: Jasmine, vetiver, cedar wood, neroli, frankincense.

Intention: For added meaning set an intention to your piece or use a mantra such as “My mind is clear, I am ready” or “I will be patient with myself during this time of transition”. 

Country of origin: Mexico (crystal)

Interesting: Pure fluorite is white. The coloured hues are said to be from various impurities. Fluorite can come in every colour on the colour spectrum.


*Cleansed with Palo Santo & charged under the full moon in Pisces