Heart Slab - Sakura Agate
Heart Slab - Sakura Agate

Heart Slab - Sakura Agate

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Heart Slab - Sakura Agate 

Sakura Agate is known as a deeply nurturing stone, with a soft gentle energy. Said to encourage blooming into your full potential. Acting like a shield to guard you from your own fears and self doubt holding you back. Assisting you to maintain the motivation to constantly strive for your goals for the best possible outcome. Supportive during these times of self growth.

These beautiful Sakura Agate pieces are hand shaped to highlight the natural beauty of the cherry blossom like flower pattern in the agate stone.

Designed to be used to infuse your jewellery items or essential oil bottles with the crystals nurturing vibrations. Use the piece to style items you use daily on your bathroom countertop, bedside table or make up station to invite supportive energy. 

Properties: Self growth. Motivation. Nurturing. 

Measurements: Approximately 5cm L, 5cm W. The purchase is for one intuitively chosen piece. Photos show the shape and patterning you can expect.

Use: A lovely styling item to display and infuse your space with nurturing energy.

Shape: Heart - the universal symbol of love, designed to welcome pure thoughts into your space.

Colour: These pieces are neutral/smokey colourings with blush/lilac/whiteish inclusions. 
Smokey - Resilience. Pink - Happiness. Lilac - Tranquility. White - Hope. 

Country of origin: Madagascar.


Each piece is unique due to the natural formation of patterning and hand carving.

Natural grooves and pits may be visible and have been polished over to create smooth edges.

Cleansed with Palo Santo & charged under the full moon.