Key Chain Cube - Lepidolite
Key Chain Cube - Lepidolite

Key Chain Cube - Lepidolite

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Key Chain Cube

This crystal adorned key chain is designed to provide a purposeful way to carry your crystal with you everyday. Infusing your space with the vibrations of release to focus on opening the mind to big picture thinking, ultimately resulting in independence. 

Aesthetically shaped in a cube to represent stability. Seen as the truth, because it looks the same from any perspective.

Pieces are intuitively chosen, no two pieces are the same.  

Lepidolite: Emotional balance. Awareness. Transition. 

Colour: Purple - creativity and wealth. Lighter shades are used to soothe or calm.

Use: To carry your keys in style while infusing your day with the crystals vibrations. Beautiful to style on a key hook. 

Care: Look after this piece as you would your other crystal items. This piece may break if dropped. 

Materials: Silver coloured metal, natural crystal cube. Size, shape and colourings will vary on each crystal due to the nature of the natural stone. Pits, crevices, small chips and uneven shapes may be included. Please embrace the inclusions for the individual piece from the earth that it is.

*Cleansed with Palo Santo and charged under the full moon in Aries