Lemon Quartz Sphere Bottle Stopper
Lemon Quartz Sphere Bottle Stopper
Lemon Quartz Sphere Bottle Stopper

Lemon Quartz Sphere Bottle Stopper

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Lemon quartz bottle stopper

Offering a beautiful bottle stopper with a feature natural crystal polished sphere top stone. Designed to style your home bar cart, for everyday aesthetics or for a stunning highlight when entertaining. 

For more than just your adult beverages. Place in home made herbal tonics with dried botanicals or sparking water bottles for a luxurious touch on any table scape. 

Lemon Quartz: Optimism. Well being. Creativity.

Colour: Lemon Quartz features citrus colourings of yellow/lime hues with transparent inclusions through to milky white quartz. This colour pop makes it perfect to style for a hint of interest and is perfect for outdoor summery themed table scapes. 

Use: For the purpose of sealing open effervescent bottles temporarily during consumption or purely for decoration. Styling for your home events or everyday luxury.

Infuse the space with the vibrations of the Lemon Quartz crystal, known to focus on communication and happiness. Perfect to provide balance and strengthen positive connections during your soiree or family time.

Recommended: Take care of this piece as you would other crystal items. It may break if dropped or put down forcefully on surfaces. To clean, wipe over with damp cloth and dry with soft cloth only. Do not soak or place in the dishwasher. Remove from the bottle pulling on the metal stopper piece rather than the crystal sphere.

Materials: Metal, silicone, authentic lemon quartz sphere and industrial strength bonder. 

Measurements:  Approximate length 8.5cm x width 3cm. 

*Cleansed with Palo Santo and charged under the full moon in Pisces