Lemon Quartz Palm Stone
Lemon Quartz Palm Stone

Lemon Quartz Palm Stone

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Lemon Quartz Palm stone

'The Lemonade Stone’

The stone of optimism, I am here to radiate feelings of joy, happiness and fun. I aim to assist overcoming negative thoughts and heavy feelings to reduce anger and stress. Here to encourage your creativity and personal transformation with a zest for life. Through positive energy to encourage a positive mindset and genuine happiness in the present moment I bring clarity to the mind to allow the focusing and amplifying of your thoughts and intentions to achieve your highest hopes in life.

I am believed to bring abundance into your space, helping the flow of positive thoughts and feelings to enhance your confidence, self trust and wellbeing to achieve success and prosperity. I remind you to practice gratitude and remain thankful for all that you are and all that you are developing into. My energy is uplifting and energetic, encouraging you to experience life to it’s fullest, with considered impulsivity and loving freely with an open heart. Trusting in the universe and yourself. 

Properties: Optimism. Well being. Creativity.

Use: Palm stone crystals are usually oval, teardrop or round in shape designed to fit the hand and allow the fingers to wrap around. Designed to be held with crystal on skin contact to create a connection between the crystals vibration and your own aura. Largley used for meditation or held during breath work. 

Shape: Teardrop - a symbol of the feminine. Known as symbolising ‘tears of joy’ in gemstones, linking to the pear shaped diamond considered a classically romantic shape.

Colour : Lemon Quartz features predominantly citrus colourings of yellow/lime hues with transparent inclusions. These pieces may feature internal mirror and small rainbows. Lemon - happiness, positivity and spontaneity. 
Photos indicate the shape and colouring you will be sent. 

Chakra: Solar Plexus - the third chakra located in the upper belly at the diaphragm. It is the energy centre for personal power including confidence and self-esteem. It helps with feeling in control of your life. When aligned we can expect to live with a strong sense of identity, purpose and confidence.

Intention: For added meaning set an intention to your piece or use a mantra such as ‘I am going to achieve my goal today’ or ‘I generate abundance into my life ’. 

Country of origin: Brazil.

Interesting: Lemon Quartz is believed to filter out distractions, enhance concentration and open memory during meditation. 

Measurements: Approximately 7cm L, 4cm W. Purchase includes one lemon quartz palm stone, intuitively chosen. 

These pieces have been hand carved and polished. As a result the natural pits and formation lines of the stone may be visible on some surfaces. This may present as tiny chips although is just the porous texture of the stone visible on the surface after polishing and are minimal in these pieces. 

Cleansed with Palo Santo and charged under the full moon.