Luminous Cube Kit
Luminous Cube Kit
Luminous Cube Kit
Luminous Cube Kit
Luminous Cube Kit

Luminous Cube Kit

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There are three cubes in each kit, one of each colour - sky blue, light turquoise and orange. They come in our signature coloured rose pink drawstring bag.

A natural stone night light for your little ones bedroom. Aiming to alleviate any anxiety or fear that can come from the dark. Children are fascinated by items that change form, colour and appearance, intrigued by their magic.
A child’s ability to manage stress, feel confident and motivate themselves in later life has a lot to do with their early childhood experiences. A person’s ‘self-concept’ is their sense of who they are and how they feel about their place starting in their family and home life. This begins to develop as early as the age of two and is generally developing until the age of six. With this information use this sensory tool to create feelings of safety and security in your childs space. Teaching them they are loved, listened to and valued.
The cubes will glow brightest for the first hour and can last up to eight hours. The length of time and how vibrantly it glows will depend on the intensity of the light it absorbs directly before being placed in the dark. It can be charged during the day with sunlight or during the evening with indoor bulb light. 

Properties: Calm. Peace. Dream. 

Use: Create a night time ritual with your child if you are finding bedtime difficult. Set a gentle calm yet playful tone for getting into bed and preparing for sleep.

Some ideas are:

- Charge the pieces together with a small torch for the brightest glow. Take this time to engage with your child about their world.
- Alternatively place under lamp light while you connect and expand their sense of creativity while reading their bedtime story.
- For more advanced children such as school age, include positive affirmations into the ritual. Before bed with an easy to remember phrase such as “I will have a good sleep” and continuing in the morning on waking with an easy to remember phrase such as “today’s going to be great!”.

We know the effect positive thoughts can have on our overall mental balance and wellbeing, it is never too early to share this concept with your little ones. Create healthy habits they can take forward into their bright futures. 

Colour: Both blue coloured cubes glow blue and the orange cube glows green. The cubes offer a nice styling option for any kids bedroom to add a small pop of colour. 

Measurements: This pieces are approximately 2cm square. Some may be slightly more rectangle, rest assured we match the size and shape for a cohesive kit.  

Please note care needs to be taken. Do not place it directly on light sources or sit it on top of a lamp. Please supervise your child throughout the entire light absorbing process. As it is a natural polished stone it may break as crystal items can if it is dropped or put down forcefully on a surface.

*Cleansed with Palo Santo & charged under the full moon in Pisces