Moss Agate Slice
Moss Agate Slice
Moss Agate Slice

Moss Agate Slice

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Moss Agate Slice 

Moss Agate is known as the stone of new beginnings, said to instil a deep sense of centred calmness and connection to nature. Aiming to guide you towards your most successful pathway, releasing fear and realigning your focus to achieve your goals. 

This beautiful moss agate slice is lightly polished in an asymmetrical shape to highlight the natural beauty of the green lichen internal inclusions and white quartz druzy in the transparent stone.

Designed to be used to infuse your skincare products or jewellery items with the crystals balancing vibrations. Use the piece to style items you use daily on your bathroom countertop, bedside table or make up station to invite loving energy.

Properties: Growth. Wholeness. Grounding.  

Measurements: 3.5cm W, 9.5cm L, 0.5cm H approx. The slice fits 3 essential oil bottles in a row.

Use: A lovely styling item to display and infuse your space with loving energy. 

Shape: Slice - this piece varies in thickness and has natural pits and chips along the textured quartz lines and edges. This is a rustic piece with the grainline of the stone visible. It is delicate and earthy.

Colour: This piece is transparent to beautifully display the green lichen like inclusions intertwined with light blue and small sections of sparkly quartz. Green - Growth. Light blue - Calming. White - Hope.

Country of origin: Brazil.


The purchase is for the item photographed and includes the one moss agate slice. 

Cleansed with Palo Santo & charged under the full moon.