Nurture Bundle
Nurture Bundle
Nurture Bundle

Nurture Bundle

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Mangano Calcite - Self Love
Sakura Agate - Soothing

Nurture yourself or gift this to someone on your mind with this soothing crystal bundle. Pink hues with depth of the shade, a reminder of the love and happiness available in each day. A crystal combination that makes you feel enveloped in a warm embrace.

Pink Banded Mangano Calcite: Mangano Calcite is a calming and soothing stone to fill your heart with self-love and confidence. Bringing a devine energy to encourage opening the heart to give and receive love. Said to look after your well-being and provide a sense of feeling loved, nurtured and protected. Measurement: 20cm circumference approx.

Sakura Agate: Sakura Agate is known as the stone of dreamers. Assisting to nurture and manifest your highest hopes in life, encouraging self growth. Providing an energy that is softly feminine, with an effect that is soothing and joyful. Firing up your passion for the pursuit of your dreams. The merkaba shape is a reminder for balance in the pursuit of connection and growth. Measurement: 2cm x 2cm approx.

Suggested add on: Glass Sphere Stand for display. Small size included in add on. Size: 2.5 x 2.5cm.
Image shows our size range small, medium and large available for purchase separately.

Bundle includes:
1x Pink Banded Mangano Calcite sphere
1x Sakura Agate merkaba

Please be aware, each piece is made from natural stones. The item you are sent may vary from the one pictured although will always be the listed crystal type. Pieces may contain small chips, pits or natural markings as they travelled the world to be received by you.

Cleansed with Palo Santo & charged under the full moon.