Prehnite crystal drinking straw
Prehnite crystal drinking straw

Prehnite crystal drinking straw

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Reuse, reduce, rehydrate.

This glass drinking straw encasing natural crystal pieces in the inner chamber is designed to provide an aesthetic option to single-use plastics. The perfect option for your post yoga hydration, some nurturing self care or a stunning option for your table scape. 

Water is the source of life. Although not just an assembly of oxygen and hydrogen molecules, creating H2O. Water is believed to have a memory, that can be positively stimulated by sources of vibration and energy. Such as that from crystals, making your water intake an even more luxurious experience to nourish yourself from the inside out.

Create you own crystal infused elixir based on the crystals specific properties or choose based on the colour. These straws are offered in clear quartz for a neutral look to match any place setting and prehnite with greens for a natural look, blending well with floral arrangements in a table scape.  This listing is for a single prehnite item.  

Prehnite: Peace. Revitalising. Confidence.  

Use: In your water glass to replace singe use straws while adding an aesthetic aspect to your water or on a deeper lever to infuse your water with the crystals vibrations. 

Recommended: To use for water hydration. If you are choosing to drink smoothies etc with them, clean with running water to remove residue immediately after consuming. These pieces do not come apart. Please be mindful as you would with other glass or crystal items, the pieces may break if dropped.

Measurements: Each piece may differ slightly. If purchasing multiple please rest assured the most similar pieces will be matched for you. Approximate length 23.5 cm x width 1 cm. This listing is for a single item unless multiple selected.

*Cleansed with Palo Santo and charged under the full moon in Pisces