Raw Angel Aura Citrine
Raw Angel Aura Citrine

Raw Angel Aura Citrine

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Raw Angel Aura Citrine

'The little ray of sunshine’

I am citrine enhanced by modern alchemy. I have had minerals and precious metals electrostatically bonded to my surface, creating my pearly sheen with pale rainbow iridescence. This intensifies my original elements of citrine, plus emits a unique set of new energies associated with joy, hope and optimism.

Warming and energising like the sun, here to activate your self confidence. Let my golden colour help you to shine with happiness in your daily life. I aim to allow you a sense of joy similar to exploring a sunflower field. My greatest gift is to let you know now is the time to communicate your ideas and needs, helping you be less sensitive to criticism to develop a positive attitude. I encourage self esteem to enhance individuality. I focus on mental clarity and a glass half full attitude. I encourage looking to the future and imagining all that could be, instead of being stuck in the past and ruminating on all that has been.

Properties: Positivity. Self Confidence. Joy. 

Shape: Raw - in the natural unpolished form to beautifully display the structure of the stone.

Colour: Colour: Yellow - happiness, optimism and courage.

Chakra: Sacral - the second chakra located right below the navel in the centre of your belly. It is the energy centre for pleasure and the overall enjoyment of life. When aligned we can expect the relationship with ourselves and the world to feel harmonious, pleasureful, and nurturing.

Intention: For added meaning set an intention to your piece or use a mantra such as ‘I choose happiness’ or ‘I have the confidence to manifest all that I need’. 

Country of origin: Brazil.

Interesting: Citrine is one of the only stones that is believed to repel negative energy rather than absorb it and then require cleansing.

Measurements: Approximately 6cm.

The item you are sent may vary slightly from the one pictured although will always be similar. Each piece is natural and due to the unpolished nature of raw crystals will have an uneven surface.

Cleansed with Palo Santo & charged under the full moon.