Rose Quartz Body Comb Twin Set
Rose Quartz Body Comb Twin Set
Rose Quartz Body Comb Twin Set

Rose Quartz Body Comb Twin Set

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Body Comb

Body combing is an ancient Chinese self-healing treatment. Working on the idea that health issues begin within the body on an energetic level. The act of body combing aims to unblock these energy channels, bringing balance to your everyday life. This holistic style of body massage assists with feelings of harmony and relaxation by releasing tension in the body.

Like an extension of gua sha, the body comb works at a deeper level to engage the meridians. The result that occurs “sha” is the light pink flushing of skin indicating the promotion of circulation. Stimulation through regular practice is said to reveal nourished, hydrated, smooth skin by reducing cortisol levels and boosting circulation. Stroke it down your arms, legs and torso to stimulate lymphatic drainage for a spa-like treatment at home.

Our largest sensory organ is our skin. Through this grounding technique we can create a safe space within ourselves. This assists to effectively release any stress we are holding from the day and return to the present moment, allowing us to be mindfully aware of all our body has done for us over the day and offer gratitude to nourish ourselves from the inside out. 

Tip: These pieces are a natural rose quartz stone and look beautiful styled on your bathroom countertop. Leaving them on display also encourages the daily reminder for regular use.

Use: Use with your favourite body oil after a warm shower. The idea is for the combs to provide a body massage by gliding smoothly over the skin to ease stress and tension. 

This twin set of Born in Byron body combs work with natural rose quartz - a nurturing stone used to promote self love. Take care with your daily ritual, slow down and enjoy the experience. 

-Apply body oil in slow circular motions, take extra time to provide each limb with the sensory pressure of touch. 
-Wash hands free from oil or serum being used prior to commencing work with your body combs.
-Keep a gentle but mindful grip, feel the piece in your hand, connect and appreciate the massage it is providing. 
-As there is one for each hand you can work on both sides of the body simultaneously for a balanced effect. The added benefit is time saving which can be beneficial to maintain your daily practice if you have early starts or limited time during busy days.
-If using in the morning you may choose a more brisk movement to assist with energising for the day.
-In the evening concentrate on a slow gliding motion to work in with your sleep hygiene routine.

Ritual: For a more immersed experience set up by misting your favourite aura spray, put on your essential oil diffuser, dim the lights, play relaxing music. Inhale and exhale deeply and slowly throughout this experience. Finish with a warm herbal tea while sitting with eyes gently closed, being still and supported in this moment.

Simple technique is included in the product photos as a guide. You are provided with a copy of this technique card when purchased.

Crystal on skin contact. When crystals have direct contact with the skin they are better equipped to align their vibrations with your own energy.

Rose Quartz: Love. Forgiveness. Peace.  

Chakra: Heart - the fourth chakra located at the centre of the spine at heart level. It is the centre of compassion, empathy, love, and forgiveness. When balanced brings feelings of connectedness, depth in relationships with others and love for oneself.

Intention: For added meaning set an intention to your piece or use a mantra such as 'I am loved, I am beautiful’, 'I am relaxed in this moment’ or 'I deserve this’. 

Country of origin: Brazil

Interesting: In many ancient cultures, rose quartz was thought to maintain a youthful complexion hence it’s modern day use for beauty products. It is a powerful stone requiring regular energy clearing. Running water is ideal for recharging the beautiful stone, so wash clean your body comb before and after each use. A gentle handwash is suitable with warm water to remove residual oil.

Measurements: This twin set of crystal body combs are approximately 8cm x 4cm each. There are two combs included in this purchase.


Cleansed with Palo Santo & charged under the full moon.

Take gentle loving care of this piece as you would other crystal items. It may break if dropped.