Rose Water Face Mist
Rose Water Face Mist
Rose Water Face Mist
Rose Water Face Mist
Rose Water Face Mist

Rose Water Face Mist

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Rose Water Face Mist - Pure Rosa x Damascena

Crystal infused. Botanically Scented. Luna Charged.

‘The Queen of  Flowers’

Born in Byrons Rose Water Face Mist contains only 100% natural rose water and is our first offering in apothecary. Designed to allow you to immerse yourself in sensory wellness with the intention of offering a delicate kiss of hydration to your skin. Each bottle is delicately infused with rose quartz crystal which is linked to promoting self love and luna charged with the intention to spread positive energy.

Our slow processed, lovingly bottled rose water is offered in micro batches with only 10 produced per each full moon. In traditional apothecary style your number in the batch will be included allowing ultimate gifting for yourself or cherished loved ones. 

Active ingredient: Rosa x Damascene. Naturally high in vitamin C which is known for boosting collagen production, a protein that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, promoting a youthful glowing complexion.

All ingredients: Rose Hydrosol (Rose Water), Natural Crystal (Rose Quartz). 100% Natural.

-Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin 
-Cleansing & toning through natural antibacterial & antioxidant characteristics 
-Hydrating and balancing with a pH close to that of the skin for beneficial absorption
-Reducing skin redness and inflammation through natural cooling properties
-Aromatherapy, rose is known to increase feelings of wellbeing 

Use: With eyes closed, apply a fine mist onto the face. 
Suitable to use on freshly cleansed skin for hydration or over make up as a setting spray for a dewy effect.
Mist daily for optimal appreciation of this divinely made gem infused botanical elixir.

Make it a ritual: Softly close eyes. Inhale. Exhale, softening shoulders on release of breath. Holding bottle gently 20cm from face mist in a sweeping motion from side to side. Inhale to appreciate the delicate scent for optimal relaxation. Focus on a sense of peace. Repeat throughout the day & as often as desired.

Recommendation: For optimal enjoyment store in the fridge for added refreshment and toning effect. 

Expiry: Being a natural product without additives to prolong shelf life this product is intended for daily use so you feel the benefits. It is recommended you use within two months although your bottle will always have at least a 6month expiry date. Tip: keeping refrigerated prolongs freshness of the natural product. Please keep out of direct sunlight & extreme heat.

Bottled: Bottled in Australia from imported ingredients, 100% natural rosewater.
50ml Glass bottle with silver coloured atomiser and lid.

Current batch: Now stocking Full Moon 23 May 2024. 
Next bottling Full Moon 21 June 2024.