Infusion Disc Set - Sakura Agate
Infusion Disc Set - Sakura Agate
Infusion Disc Set - Sakura Agate

Infusion Disc Set - Sakura Agate

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Sakura Agate Infusion Disc Set

As your soothing cleanser and nurturing companion I aim to encourage your deepest dreams, guiding you to manifest them into reality. Use me as a base for your jewellery, skin, haircare or beauty products. Place them on me to elevate your daily use. Allow me to infuse them with my positive vibrations so these qualities may be transmitted to you upon use. These beautiful Sakura Agate pieces are hand shaped to highlight the natural beauty of the cherry blossom flower like inclusions representing personal growth and achievement.

Properties: Self growth. Motivation. Nurturing.  

Use: To infuse your jewellery, beauty and self care products. Use the disc to style items you use daily on your bathroom countertop, bedside table or make up station. Measure the base of your bottles and choose a disc to sit flush with the container or opt for a slightly larger disc to style as a feature. 

Shape: Round - the spherical shape of the disc provides an even flow of energy.

Colour: Smokey neutral colourings with natural tones and whitish inclusions. Smokey - Resilience. White - Hope.

These pieces are lightly polished in texture for a modern rustic artisan appearance. The pieces feature natural pits, crevices and chips as well as scraping marks form the hand carving making them lovely for styling as a unique textured set. Designed to blend into your space.

Country of origin: Madagascar.

Measurements: Approximately 5cm diameter. Height 1.5cm, 2cm, 3cm.


The purchase is for one set of infusion discs which includes three (3) pieces differing in height for a clustered styling look or seperate placement around the house.

Cleansed with Palo Santo & charged under the full moon.