Sakura Agate Trinket Dish Set
Sakura Agate Trinket Dish Set
Sakura Agate Trinket Dish Set
Sakura Agate Trinket Dish Set

Sakura Agate Trinket Dish Set

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Sakura Agate Trinket Dish Set

Sakura Agate is known as the stone of dreamers, nurturing and manifesting your highest hopes in life. Encouraging self growth through highly motivating positive energies to encourage blooming into your full potential. 

These beautiful Sakura Agate trinket dishes are hand shaped to highlight the natural beauty of the cherry blossom flower like inclusions representing personal growth and achievement.

The pieces are shallow and designed to be used as a trinket dish to beautifully display your jewellery pieces to infuse them with the crystals energy or radiate nurturing energy into your space. 

Properties: Self growth. Motivation. Nurturing.  

Measurements: 5cm diameter, 2cm height (smallest) & 5cm diameter, 2.5cm height approx. 

Use: A lovely styling item. 

Shape: Round - the spherical shape of the bowl provides an even flow of energy.

Colour: Shades of pinky/peachy/natural tones with whitish/strawberry/rust coloured inclusions. Pink - Happiness. White - Hope. This set pairs back harmoniously.

Country of origin: Madagascar


The purchase is for a set of sakura agate trinket dishes including 2 (two) pieces. 
The items photographed are the ones you will be sent.
Natural markings are part of this beautiful material, pits give a glimpse into the internal world and have been polished over to create smooth edges. Some scraping marks may be present due to the artisan nature of these pieces. 

Cleansed with Palo Santo & charged under the full moon.