Peridot Spinning Ring
Peridot Spinning Ring
Peridot Spinning Ring

Peridot Spinning Ring

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I am a beauty in my own right. Spin me and watch my stones cast rainbows in the sunlight. Appreciate my aesthetic value for all that it is.

To delve deeper, use me to help regulate your emotions through sensory modulation. Spin me in times of overwhelm. Be mesmerised by my ability to distract you from your worries. Spin me discreetly on your finger and feel a gentle vibration or take me off and hold me while you spin me. The spinning motion is designed to provide stress relief, bringing about a peaceful state of mind.

In times of happiness I am just as useful to ground and centre the build up of nervous energy. 

Choose my centre stone simply by colour or delve deeper into my crystals properties. 

Peridot: (centre stone) Compassion. Balance. Peace.

Colour: Green - growth, mental flexibility, nurturing.

Size: This ring is adjustable. There is a small gap between the centre stones and the small clear single stone. It is designed to fit the average size adult finger.

Material: This piece is stamped with 925 on the inner band indicating the universal symbol for sterling silver. This piece is electroplated which means there is a layer of sterling silver enveloping steel metal inside. Please take care to protect this coating with recommended use. Each piece comes in a white ring box.

Use: While designed for everyday use do not swim or bathe with this piece on. Please note it is also recommended to remove the piece when applying your daily beauty products such as moisturisers, make up, sunscreens or haircare. This is good practise to prevent tarnishing the surface of any rings you wear.


*Cleansed with Palo Santo and charged under the full moon in Pisces.